Whispers in the Shadows

A jammy red plum cider.

The blend of wild cider, braeburn juice and red plum was an interesting experiment. The resulting cider tasted like jammy rose wine, and that proved to be very popular. 

Plums have a place in my heart. The smell of pressed plums reminds me of my Granny cooking her world famous (at least in my mind) plum jam. When I’d return from school and the smell of stewing plums was in the air, I knew that I would have some jars of comfort tucked away in the cupboard for another year. 

The first blend was launched on Valentine’s day in 2018, and I needed to have a name to reflect that. Racking my brain for something clever, I thought back to the jam. Then it hit me, The Jam! Taking a line from “That’s Entertainment”, then later “Down in the Tube Station at Midnight”, this allows me to keep it music based, but have a cheeky, hidden nod to my Granny.

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