Waste to Taste Part Two: Finding Ascension

Waste to Taste Part Two: Finding Ascension

We’ve covered what kind of lives our apples have before we find them, but how do they get to us?

We deal with apple “brokers” who find us apples from various packhouses across Kent and Sussex and report back their findings with varieties, quantities and availability.  We work with them to find apples that we may not have used before, to keep experimenting with our cider and what flavours and subtleties they produce once fermented.

We’ve found some varieties, that were previously unused for cider, produce amazing ciders and we’ll usually put out a small amount of these as an unblended single variety. 

All of our ciders are wild fermented, meaning that the truest expression of that apple, its terroir and its flavours are released, ensuring that we get the best from each and every variety we use. 

“Hey guys, doesn’t this random and wild selection of apples mean that your cider changes each time you make it?!!?

You’re darn right it does. Some say variety is the spice of life. We say it’s a cornerstone of what makes us Ascension


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