Waste to Taste Part One: The Rejection

Waste to Taste

The Rejection

As you may or may not know, all of the apples we use have been rejected by supermarkets for being too big, too small, the wrong shade or red or green, or other “imperfections” that mean the big guys don’t want them on their shelf.  Apples go through an intense “grading” process, where they are analysed extensively to ensure that they are exactly what the customer wants. 

These “imperfections” can come from a variety of factors in the apple’s life and can range from growing too close to each other to damage from hailstones, usually identifiable by tiny indentations in the apple’s skin.

The blemishes found on the apples we use can stem from too much exposure to sunlight or not enough sunlight… Madness.

Here at Ascension HQ, we believe that food waste is a national shame. Coming from farming backgrounds, we think that the effort and time that has gone into growing and picking these fruits is far too high for them to be left for the landfill. 

We are exploring new avenues to reduce the amount of wasted fruit here in the UK, looking at launching a range of sodas and juices later in the year. Rest assured, you’re not just enjoying our range of delicious ciders, you’re also supporting farmers and helping us put an end to food waste.

You can contact us here at Ascension Cider to place an order, request a taste or just drop by to let us know how much you love our product.


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  1. Mum
    April 25, 2020, 1:25 pm

    Hi mate ., this is fantastic.
    Well done. About time people realised that slightly imperfect describes 99.99% of everyone and everything ..

    My Boss would like 6 bottles of Pilot if you have any way of getting it to me or you can deliver to the office. I go into the office on a Wednesday.

    Let me know xx

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