Variation of a Theme

The people want purple, we’ll find a way.

Another cider that happened by chance, but also out of necessity. Having run out of Purple Haze due to a big order heading to the 2000 Trees festival, I found myself needing something purple and fruity to supply to my loyal customers. 

Now, Purple Haze is a blend of blackcurrants, lemons, wild cider and fresh apple juice. Well I didn’t have any blackcurrants, but I had some blackberries… They’d make a beautiful dark juice with a nice soft flavour and pair wonderfully with some of the concorde pears sat in the store too. Needless to say, it was a welcome addition to our repertoire and has returned several times since.

Variation of a Theme got its name from an album by the band OM. It was the anniversary of the album’s release when this cider first went on sale. Plus, this cider was literally a variation of the fruity, purple theme, so it just seemed right.

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