What is Cider?

What is Cider?   Cider at its core is fermented apple juice There are a lot of strong opinions on what cider is / should /must be. All can be

Two Firsts in One!

Two Firsts in One   It is no secret that we are fans of Russet here at Ascension, but we had never released a single variety Russet cider. We’ve also

Concept to Glass

Concept to Glass   How we turn imagination into reality Working with waste fruit has its benefits. We can usually get any kind of fruit that we desire, meaning that

Product Spotlight – Wrath

Product Spotlight - Wrath   When you get red grapes, you make pink cider. The combination of apples and grapes just works, so when the opportunity arose, it was a

It’s all in the blending

After we press the apples, transfer the juice into tanks and let the wild fermentation work its magic, we can then use this cider to blend into our range of

Product Spotlight – Eclosion Ciders

Product Spotlight - Eclosion Cider   Eclosion is a series of minimal intervention, wild fermented, single variety, dry unblended ciders. Now, that’s quite a lot to take on board, so

Christmas Cider… It’s not too late!

Christmas Cider... It's not too late!   As the festive period draws ever nearer, we have you covered on all fronts, no matter if you need cider for gifting or

Dancing the fine line between rip-off and tribute

Dancing the fine line between rip-off and tribute   To properly explain where the new merch design came from, I have to give you a bit of a history lesson

The Can Has A Say

This Can Has A Say   Why we shunned the champers bottle and packaged this year's Eclosion series in 330ml cans   Eclosion has been an annual cider release from

Shelf Life

Shelf Life   How Ascension cider stays delicious for eighteen months When we inform our customers that their cider will sit happily in its box in a cool, dry place