Product Spotlight – Pilot

  Our “Super Fruity Session Cider” is a 4.8% abv medium-sweet juicy cider created from a blend of wild fermented cider and fresh apple juice. The marriage of funky, acid

It’s all in the blending

After we press the apples, transfer the juice into tanks and let the wild fermentation work it’s magic, we can then use this cider to blend into our range of

Aeronaut – Blending the ultimate session cider.

After years of demand for Ascension to produce a keg cider, we knew that it couldn’t be just any cider, it had to be something special. Taking the decision to

Wild Fermentation

Wild fermentation is one of the cornerstones of Ascension.  In our commitment to our ciders representing the story of the apples, we don’t use cultured yeasts (except where explicitly stated).

Ascension Cider Webshop Launched

When the cans launched, we also launched a webshop.  This wasn’t something we had planned, but in order to get our cider out there and into the hands of our

Ascension now has CANNED CIDER!

Canning has always been on our agenda, in fact we originally launched with a canned version of “Pilot”, but our distribution and name was not really well known enough for

Waste to Taste Part Two: Finding Ascension

We’ve covered what kind of lives our apples have before we find them, but how do they get to us? We deal with apple “brokers” who find us apples from

Shelf Life

How Ascension cider stays delicious for eighteen months. When we inform our customers that their cider will sit happily in its box in a cool, dry place for up to

Ballooning and Cider

Hot air ballooning started early in my life, in fact some of my first memories are sat in a basket, flying over the Sussex countryside, staring out onto the patchwork

Cider Flavours and how we come up with them

Working with waste fruit has its benefits. We can usually get any kind of fruit that we desire, meaning that any idea that pops into our head can become reality