Sussex Dabinnett

Wild fermented, single variety, dry cider.

In late 2017 we had a call from a local apple grower. Understandably annoyed that a large cider maker beginning with “T” and named after a Conservative prime minister had done to him what their namesake had done to the miners in the 80s. They had cancelled their contract with him, leaving 500 tons of Bodiam grown cider apples to rot. 

After a visit to the orchard, a chat and a handshake, we had ten tons of Dabinett apples headed our way. Pressed and left to slowly ferment over winter, six months later, we blended the tanks together and released this tannin rich, funky beauty on the world. 

We held back a certain amount for each year to release as a vintage, but sadly it’s all gone now. Will we use Cider apples from Bodiam again? Well… watch this space.