Product Spotlight – Wrath

Product Spotlight – Wrath


When you get red grapes, you make pink cider.

The combination of apples and grapes just works, so when the opportunity arose, it was a no brainer. The juice was added to a low acid blend to showcase the apple and grape’s sweet/ acid balance and the result was a joy to behold. Fresh, aromatic, beautifully coloured and the tasting experience was above what I had hoped. The apple and grape dancing together, not battling for dominance like some flavours do, but they worked in harmony to elevate one another. This wonderful blend finished with a pleasing dryness, to round off the juicy sweetness you had just experienced. 

The love of this cider was cemented a year ago at the ‘Beer and Food Attraction’ expo in Rimini, Italy. It was the first time Ascension had been represented outside of the UK, aside from taking a few bottles to overseas balloon festivals, and the Italian market didn’t really have much cider. In fact, some of the people I spoke to had never had cider (Sidro in Italian) before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I really didn’t need to worry, however, as the reception we had was incredible, and the standout star was Wrath!

Wrath was named after the Lamb of God album of the same name. The Grapes of Wrath was an obvious choice, but not too many people know about the musical link. Well, now you do.

After the success we saw overseas and at home, we decided to bring this awesome rose coloured cider into the core range, and it’s now available in still bag in box, and sparkling 330ml can all year round.

Please head to our shop to place an order: www.ascensioncider.co.uk/shop


Ian Fry

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