Product Spotlight – Pilot


Our “Super Fruity Session Cider” is a 4.8% abv medium-sweet juicy cider created from a blend of wild fermented cider and fresh apple juice. The marriage of funky, acid led cider with freshly pressed, fragrant apple juice delivers a complex but quaffable cider, which you can enjoy safely in the knowledge that everything in your glass is 100% natural and made with integrity.

Pilot was the first cider we made here at Ascension and remains super popular to this day. First fermented and blended on a friends farm, before we even had a premises of our own. We pressed and fermented 2,000 litres of Sussex apple juice into two tanks and allowed them to ferment with wild yeasts over two months, before blending with freshly pressed apple juice before packaging into Bag in Box and cans.

We launched Ascension with this cider with two events in Sussex and London to universal applause, and we haven’t looked back since.

Like 95% of our ciders, Pilot is made using apples that have been rejected by supermarkets, and the apple varieties that we use are constantly changing. This means that the flavour and characteristics of Pilot are different with every batch we blend. We don’t see this as a negative, rather that Pilot is a great reflection of the season, availability and the locality of where the apples are grown. “Inconsistent by Nature” is evident here.

You can find Pilot pouring still, from Bag in Box and bottle, along with it taking on a sparkle in our new canned range.

This super fruity session cider is available to order in cans on our webshop.



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