Product Spotlight – Glow (Our liquid apple pie)

Glow – Our liquid apple pie


Glow was our first foray into the world of spiced ciders, and was originally blended as a one-off, but the reception from our customers and continued demand, means Glow has remained a staple favourite ever since. 

Born from a blend of wild-fermented cider, freshly pressed apple juice and a compound distilled from the, often wasted and overlooked, leaf of the cinnamon tree. We elected to use the leaf as it contained more flavour and aroma compounds, giving notes of mixed spice, clove and nutmeg, along with a massive hit of cinnamon.

The diverse uses of Glow is another reason it has remained a key player in our range. Recommended as a great alternative for mulled wine, Glow will happily warm in a soup kettle or tea urn and fill the pub or bar with the aroma of Christmas cheer and can be served garnished with a slice of apple and a cinnamon stick for the ultimate Mulled Cider experience. And you don’t have to stop there, we blend Glow with the ideal of the cider blend being delicious on it’s own, or the perfect base for adding additional spices, such as cloves and star anise and ginger. Also, with a glug of good quality dark rum (Personal preference is Woods Old Navy)

Glow isn’t just for serving warm however, it makes a year round winner on any bar. Chilled down and served from the pumps, it presents a delicious glass of spiced apple pie that will make any patron smile. A little pint of comfort in a world of chaos, when sat in that perfect refuge, the pub. Please head to our online shop to place an order.

Ian Fry

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