Lockdown 2.0 – We are ready for you

Lockdown 2.0 – We are ready for you


The first lockdown was a weird one. Our friends in the industry were panicking, we were uncertain about what was going on and it seemed that our industry was in danger. The independents we love so much could not furlough themselves, their doors were effectively shut for them, and uncertainty was rife. But then the indie spirit pulled through.

I have long been a big advocate of the pub. They are centres of community, a home away from home and a place where you can always find a friendly face, a quiet corner, and a delicious pint. Across the UK, thousands of independent businesses dedicate themselves to serving the best fermented liquids in the best manner possible, with a passion rarely found in this dystopian environment we find ourselves in.

The pubs that shunned the big boys, that supported the small guys and made their bar look so different from the monotony of tied pubs shoving the same lagers, ciders and cask in your face, once again said “No. We’re not going to do what everyone else does. We’re going to fight to stay here”.

Some became pop-up grocery shops, using their connections with the local fruit and veg growers, bakers, wholesalers, and anyone else that was still operating in the most difficult time in our industry that I could remember.

Some stuck to their guns, serving beers, ciders and wines from the bar in take-away containers, either directly, offering personal delivery or using delivery services and continuing to support local breweries and producers by buying in cans, bottles and mini-kegs to keep their faithful customers thirsts quenched and the community spirit alive and well in a time when the community couldn’t gather.

The support from these venues was essential for us at Ascension, we launched our canned range in response to the shift in requirements from our customers. The response to the cans was amazing and went far beyond anything we expected. This response and the continued support from our customers, saved Ascension and brought a bright shining light of optimism and hope in a time of darkness and worry.

The independent spirit, passion and determination was a beautiful thing to see in the lockdown. In the face of adversity, the indies of Sussex and beyond rose up, refused to be disheartened and not only forged on to save the businesses that they had fought so hard to build, but did it with their suppliers and other small businesses in mind.




As we head back into another lockdown (lockdown harder) we are faced with similar constraints to the last, however this time round all take-away bevvies must be pre-booked first, meaning that you’ll be required to give them a bit of notice before grabbing your pints, but that’s not too hard to get on board with, is it now.

So, let us raise a glass to the Indies. Do what you can to support them, cherish them and applaud them. They deserve it. ?

We are happy to announce that we will be continuing production and deliveries as usual throughout this second lockdown period. Please head to our online shop to place an order.

Ian Fry

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