Into The Jetstream

Pushing the sour power.

At Ascension, we’ve always been in the business of producing a range of cider and fruit blends and we’ve never been shy about adding some tart fruits to a juicy cider to create a balance of acid and sweetness. 

But what if we pushed it a little more? What if we went… Sour.

The opportunity arose to get our hands on some Cranberry. These tart, dry and downright delicious berries inspired us to blend something with a large dose of cider from our acid-heavy tank, minimal fresh apple juice and a lot of cranberries.

What resulted was exactly what we wanted. Fresh green apple, tart cranberry and that classic dry finish. Smashable, and at 3.8%abv, it was perfect for summer barbecues, pub gardens and late night beach chills. 

Into The Jetstream was named for a boundary pushing balloon flight. In January 1991, Per Lindstrand and Richard Branson ascended into the jetstream to complete the first ever flight across the Pacific Ocean in a Hot Air Balloon. 

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