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From Mum’s Shed to Apple Store

Matt has been making Cider for nearly ten years. Over this time, his cider making has grown somewhat from making batches in his Mum’s shed, but the recipes, experimentation, and general process is still pretty much the same.

From taking out a book on homebrewing from the local library and experimenting from fermenting everything from store-bought grape juice to tropical “fruit and barley” squash, experimentation in the name of alcohol production and alchemy has always been part of the game.

In early 2017, we pressed 3,000L of juice and fermented what would be our “Pilot” batch. After a couple of launch parties, great feedback and the thumbs up from friends, family and publicans, we jumped into it with both feet, developing a couple of new ciders along the way and our second batch took flight.

Up to the time of writing, we have blended fifteen ciders, pressed over twenty five different apple varieties, driven over thirty thousand miles and spread the apple joy to over a hundred pubs.

Moving forward we will always be looking to make something out of the ordinary, away from the normality and mundane ciders that are typically on offer and hope you develop as much a passion in tasting our ciders as we do in making them. Cheers.

Sussex Craft Cider in Bottles
Best Family Cider

Why the Altitude?

Hot Air Ballooning is in our blood. Matt is a third-generation Hot Air Balloon pilot, which is why it features so prevalently in everything we do at Ascension.

One day we hope to have our own Ascension Cider Co. balloon, which we will aim to fly across Sussex, the UK and Europe.

The great sense of freedom and wonder that comes from flying is one of the inspirations behind creating ciders that don’t always fit the norm. We have a few goals in life. Fly high, be good to people and make awesome cider.

Join us on this journey.