Wild Elderflower and Pear blend

The elderflower blossoms were out, the pears were ready for pressing and a batch of wild cider had just got to that sweet spot, so I took it as a sign that this cider needed to happen. I’ve found some Elderflower ciders too floral in the past, so I was delighted when this cider had green, grassy notes to compliment the sweetness of the pears and that familiar perfume of Elderflower.

Gardenia seemed like a really pretty name for this cider, I thought it fit the cider well, given it’s natural and floral/ herbal flavours. It’s also a song by the band Kyuss, and one that I often listen to on walks around the orchards and when out on deliveries. Recently, Iggy Pop also released a song of the same name. Luckily, that’s a banger too.

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