Can I Play With Mangoes

Double Indian Mango Cider

When the folks at Primordial Radio wanted me to make them a special Mango cider for their AGM, I was delighted to help. I knew exactly what to do to make the best mango cider they’d ever have tasted. The plan was to marry wild cider, fresh sweet apple juice and a combination of Kesar and Alphonso mangoes.

Kesar mangoes have a wonderful fresh flavour and Alphonso have an amazing aroma. Combined, this was going to fulfil the vision and deliver a mango cider to knock their boots off. 
Obviously, we had to give it a name that fitted with Primordial Radio’s Rock and Metal playlists, so after some thought, “Can I Play With Mangoes” was chosen as a blatant rip off nod to the legendary Iron Maiden.