Ascension Cider Webshop Launched

Ascension Cider Webshop Launched

When the cans launched, we also launched a webshop

This wasn’t something we had planned, but in order to get our cider out there and into the hands of our loyal customers. We saw the concerns that some of our indy bottle shop/ venue owners were having, and we were determined to put those concerns to rest.

Before the webshop was set up, I gathered information from around twenty different bottle shops, asking what they would have to sell a can of cider for, in order to make enough margin. After receiving these numbers, an average was found, and that is the price we settled on. 

It was the indie bottle shops, pubs and bars where we made our first sales. We understand that they are up against it too at this time, so pricing in line with them, so everyone can be seen as the place to buy Ascension on a level playing field, was incredibly important. Indies made us, and we want them to continue, long after this is over. 

We are currently selling cans in singles, cases, and mixed cases, but will soon be adding a range of bottles and merchandise so you can look as good as our ciders taste!

You can find our new webshop here

Use code “CIDERNAUT” for free shipping on orders of 24 cans!


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