Aeronaut – Blending the ultimate session cider.

Blending the ultimate session cider.

After years of demand for Ascension to produce a keg cider, we knew that it couldn’t be just any cider, it had to be something special.

Taking the decision to base this cider on a blend of cider apples, it was going to be a diversion from our usual eastern counties cider, but we wanted this cider to have a tannic backbone to support the big juicy sweet eating apple addition we were going to blend in post fermentation. The tannins in the cider apples were perfect for what we had envisioned. They brought a smooth richness and an aroma that had airs of toffee and a hint of their bittersweet character remaining in the finished cider.

A big fresh apple juice addition is a hallmark of Ascension, and is how Matt’s been making his ciders for over ten years, so, of course, Aeronaut is no different. Using fresh juice to balance the tannic cider apples, bringing its own blend of sweetness and acid means that you get a marriage of east and west country styles that work in delicious harmony. This also allows us to present a cider at 4.6% alcohol by volume, a

Now came the decision on carbonation. Just how much fizz do we put into this cider? Carbonation not only allows another level of sensory interaction for the drinker in the form of tiny bubbles flowing over the tongue and around the mouth, but also pushes out aroma, allowing for a deeper, richer experience when pulling the glass up for another sip. However, we also were very conscious of a high carbonation level detracting from the cider’s flavours, sometimes getting marred by the sensation of too many bubbles! So we decided to go for a mid-low carbonation level, meaning that we take the best of both worlds. Plus it doesn’t fill your stomach up with gas!

All of these decisions, in our opinion, have created the ultimate session cider. Fruity, gentle tannins, fresh juicy flavours all with a soft carbonation to add a sparkle to the experience. Perfectly at home in a craft beer bar in the city or in a country pub in the middle of nowhere. This cider is for the people. A cider to sip in a garden on a hot evening, to enjoy sitting round a table with your mates or to enjoy with a meal.

The super-smashable session cider Aeronaut is available to order now, in 30L stainless steel Kegstar kegs.


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